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Right now my girls are into coloring and sharing their work on the fridge… and on the doors and walls. They will finish a page, run to me or their mom to show us their creation, then head to the fridge to place their picture for the whole family to see. It got me thinking about how we can create this same excitement for our students’ work. This post will be dedicated to ways we can allow our students to share their work (without a fridge).

Bulletin Boards

I miss my last classroom that allowed me to have a bulletin board for each of my classes. Students loved posting their work on the wall. Students would ask questions, share their inspiration and talk with each other during class about the content. Even if you don’t have a classic bulletin board, you can dedicate wall space for students to share their work.

Media Album (Schoology)

I wrote about this option in a past post, BLOG NAME. But you don’t have to use Schoology to create the same digital sharing space. SeeSaw is a great digital tool for digital portfolios. So is, Three Ring.  You can create a public album with Flickr. You can share a view only folder through Google with the students’ projects available for students to view.

Online Showcase

Another way for students to share their work with the world is by creating their own space. Again, Google Sites is a great tool, but there is also Checkthis, Smore, Wix, and Weebly. These tools are designed for websites, but blogging tools can also be used to allow students to share their work. KidsBlog, WordPress, and Blogger (with your Google account) are blogging tools that can be crafted to share students’ work.


Even if something is posted on a bulletin board, students will want to share their work on social media. Having a class or school hashtag is one way to highlight what is going on in your class. Another option is to create a school or class account with social media that can be used to share student work with the world. Even General Electric is even using SnapChat.
There is no right or wrong way to share students’ work, what is important is to create a culture in your school to where they rush to you to show you what they have done, then allowing them to post it on the fridge, in whatever form that fridge is.


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I am a husband and a father. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years.
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