Day 16: Expresso

giftI’m going to be an English teacher for day 16 and share a website that will give you more information than you might want about your writing: Expresso. (But you will thank me after you use it.)


Expresso is simple to use, simply copy and past your writing into the text area and hit the analyze button.


For this post I used an older post, “Funyuns,” from my other blog.

step3There is a plethora of information in the “Metrics for editing” window. As an English teacher I could geek out with all the information. When you want to see the results of a metric click on the it to see where in your writing that is present. In the example I have activated “weak verbs.” In my post those verbs are highlighted green. You can activate as many metrics as you wish. Each metric will have a different color.

You can edit your work right in the application. To move your edited work, you will need to copy and past the text. There is no save or export option. I introduced this site to my students this semester. The ones that used Expresso loved it. Try it out, you will be impressed.

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