Update to Symbaloo’s Lesson Plan Site

Symbaloo has been hard at work making some great updates to their Lesson Plan site. I will cover some of the basics in this post. You are going to like this.

First update is the starting window. There is a search option to find content with a keyword, but if you are like me, you already know what you want to build so you will need to drop down to the bottom of the window where you will see three other options to get started on building your lesson.

Add an Activity

The window for adding your own resource is now compact.

Tile Activity Box

Tile Activity Box

As you can see the title, description, resources, and quiz options are blank waiting for you to complete. Just click on the description part to get the option box for each section to get started.

Resource Options

Resource Options

Quiz Question

Quiz Question

The coolest part to the whole update is the way to build paths for students. For example, you can direct a student on a certain path depending if they get the answer wrong or right. By clicking on the X and Check mark you can toggle through the options.

Quiz Path

Quiz Path

Student View of Quiz Option

Student View of Quiz Option

As you can see the student will not know which path they will be taking until they answer the question.

Also, if you will notice at the bottom of the layout there are new options for working with the whole lesson. You can choose to set a path with a “space” to the next step by clicking on the path icon (second icon). You can go back and add content to that blank space later.

Path Options

I think you will find that Symbaloo has done a great job designing a way to personalize lessons for your classroom. Share your story with me in the comment section.


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I am a husband and a father. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years.
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