PowerPoint Image Design

I am going to continue with the image ideas for this post. We are going to use shapes to create a different look for any images you might use in your PowerPoint.

I am starting with a blank slide.

Blank PowerPoint Slide

Next I will choose a shape.

List of shape icons


For this post I am going to keep it simple and use the rounded rectangle option. Once you have done this, you can get pretty creative with shapes and layouts.

Rounded Rectangles

I suggest copying and pasting the shape, saves time. When you build a more creative layout this step will take more time.

Next step is to “group” all the shapes.

Highlighted area of rectangles

Once you release the mouse the “Drawing Tools” tab should become active.

By grouping the shapes, the layout becomes one shape.

Next step is to click on the “shape fill” option in the menu bar. We are then going to fill the shape with a picture.

List of options for shape edits

You will go through the steps of choosing the image that you want and it will automatically fill the shape.

Chess pieces in rectangles

Now you have a unique design for images in your PowerPoint.

You can create an Alt Text for the image by Right Clicking on the shape to get these options:

When you click “Format Shape” you will see a new window on the right side of PowerPoint.

Formatting Window

Click on the resize icon to find the Alt Text option. You can also save your creative layout as an image to use in other applications. When you Right Click on the image there is a “Save as Picture” option.

You can experiment with different shapes, or with the line options, to create unique images to enhance your PowerPoints.



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