PowerPoint Mix

One of the great ways to share PowerPoint is the free cloud-based add on, Office Mix. You will create an account online, but also download a “Mix Tab” add-on to your PowerPoint application.

Sign in Options

New Mix Tab

The Mix Tab houses some of the same options PowerPoint has in other tabs, but gathers all the options that you need to create an online presentation, like the Slide Recording option, in one area.

Slide Record Window

Even though you can record your whole presentation at one time, I suggest recording each slide individually. This will help with errors in speaking or writing on a slide. Also, it allows you take a break. And once you have uploaded the presentation to your online account (will share that in a minute), you can update your presentation easily. Even if you change one slide.

Another option the Mix Tab brings is the ability to add check for understanding questions right into the presentation. Side note: Unless your school buys into this option, the student’s answers will not be recorded. They can see their answers, but it does not affect their grade.

Here is an example from one of my presentations on commas (with feedback):

Comma Questions

The link to your online account is found by clicking the world icon with “Upload to Office Mix”.

A new window will open on the right side of your work area (you may need to sign in again to your Office Mix account).

Upload Options

If this is a new presentation, just click Next. Office Mix will use the name you have saved this presentation as for the title. You can edit this once it is loaded into your Office Mix site.  If you are updating a mix, you will then see a list of your presentations to choose from.

List of presentations

In most cases, it only takes a few minutes for your presentation to be ready in your Office Mix account.

Offcie Mix Window

You will need to change the Permission & Sharing option to Unlisted or Public.

Permission Setting

This will also allow you to use the embed code for your LMS or to send a link to students to view the presentation.

Embed Code

I would not worry about the size option because the students can click the full screen arrows to get a better viewing experience.

Using the Office Mix add-on is a great way to flip your classroom, embed presentations, or create an interactive lesson for your online courses. I did not cover all the options in this post, but feel free to drop me a question or comment in the comment section or with Twitter.





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