Fill in the Blank

For this post I will share the idea of using the technique of filling in the blank while presenting. This is a great way to build discussion into a presentation, or help students interact with their notes.

For this example I am going to leave out one of the things an introduction is suppose to do in an essay. I am starting with a blank slide and adding a textbox but will create a blank for one of the answers.


Next, I will add another textbox with the answer.

Words set the tone

Changing the font, color, or style is up to you. I do suggest that you keep it consistent for the whole presentation. Animation is the next step. For this example I am keeping it simple, but if you have a number of fill-in-the-blanks on a slide I suggest using the “Animation Pane” to help with organizing the timing and effects.

Animation Tab

For the textbox “set the tone”, I am going to have it appear after a click, with a 2 second delay… to add suspense when I am presenting.

Animation Options

And that is it. The blank in the statement gives me a moment in the presentation to engage the students in different ways.

You can use this option for more than statements, options like Venn diagrams or labels for a picture. Fill-in-the-blanks work well with PowerPoint Mix and online courses. Share how you are using this technique in the comment section.


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I am a husband and a father. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years.
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