Research Lesson Series: Part 2

Even with options, students will still use Google for research. Especially for everyday searches. For the second post in the series I want to share a few advance options in Google that will help students search in a more efficient manner, plus share a few fun options.

Create an Alert

The first option I share with students is how to create an alert for their topics. Using a keyword for their topic we do a Google search. I ask them to change to the “news” tab, then scroll to the bottom to locate the “Create alert” button.

We follow that button to the option section.

I share the basics with them, but discuss how creating an alert can allow Google to do some of the research for them. The students still have to curate the results, but they can have the technology do some of the work for them. Side note: Google Scholar also has this option.

Image Options

Some of the fun options can be found in the image tools.

I enjoy the reactions of my students when I show them the color and type search tools.




I allow them a few minutes to see how the results change. I do take the opportunity to discuss the “Usage rights” options, but I have a more in depth unit about copyright.

Video Search

There are some useful tools for searching videos, but the one I highlight for my students is the source option.

As you can see for my keyword, vikings, the sources match the best sites to find videos for my topic. This option expands the students’ choices for videos. YouTube is not the only site for videos.

Advanced Search Options

We finish the lesson by looking at the “Advanced Search” page.

I walk through all the options with them. At times changing the settings and analyzing the results. For example, adding a domain like “.edu” for their keyword. Students admit that the results are geared toward their subject when we change settings.

I emphasize that changing their search habits will result in better resources, but will also reduce wasted time trying to find solid information with a general Google search. The hardest part is getting them to change their habit.


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