Student Poem: #3

Lone Goose

Foggy mornings we took off,

We flew through the dark haze,

We would call to one another,

Trying to stay close.


There one cried,

We all look below,

Into the reflection of ourselves,

Finally, water.


It was as clear as crystals,

We made our turn,

Hearing other geese sitting on the icy waters,

We called back.


Trying to lower ourselves,

We flipped and turned,

Getting to lower altitude we got closer,

Circle after circle.


With cupped wings,

We started to drop,

Lower and lower,

Finally, we saw the other geese.


They were filled with darkness,

So still they sat on that crystal water,

We called and called,



Bang, Bang, Bang,

My ears were ringing,

My friends plummeted down,

I uncupped and soared high and far.


Far, far away I flew,

No friends,

Just me, myself, and I,

On this long road home.

By Sydney S.


About jboelhower

I am a husband and a father. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years.
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