IconforwebEducation is a journey and this site, Ideas for Education, is my way of sharing that journey.  The purpose of this site is to be a source of ideas that will enrich any educator’s lessons.  There is a mix of “old school” ideas with “new school” tools that build on a strong educational foundation.  I hope to make a positive impact in the world of education through sharing ideas on this site and also by providing workshops and keynotes with schools and teachers.

My Story

I have been using technology in education since elementary school.  I learned to draw with Apple Logo on the Apple II in an after school program. In high school I was creating animation with Fantavision and learning Pascal programming language in computer class. However, at the same time I was writing poetry, drawing, and reading books.

For my master’s thesis I created a multimedia presentation on the expression of failure in sports and media.

That mix of new technology with traditional aspects of school continued with me as I entered the classroom.  When Apple released the first version of iMovie, my English classes produced two 30 minute films.  A few years later my English 10 class would win an Apple DIGI award for a parody of Animal Farm called, Animal Classroom.

My journey would take me to Educational Service Unit 10 in Kearney, Nebraska, as the Remote Learning Specialist.  My time there was used to better my development of workshops and teaching experiences through distance learning. In 2014 I became a Graphite Certified Educator.

Even with the progression of technology I have always stood on strong learning foundations like note taking, reading, and personal interaction to ensure my students reached their full potential.

 At this point in my journey I want to share and empower other educators to create powerful learning experiences through the best practices available.

I am available to conduct workshops, speak at events, or help with professional development. Please see the information on the Workshop page.


6 Responses to About

  1. robertwfuller772 says:

    Hey Jamey!! Wanted to let you know that even though I have only been following your blog for a little while now I like the energy and style so much I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Hope this brings a smile to your day!! Cheers!!


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  3. Hi Jamey,

    Thank you so much for giving us your awesome lesson ideas and inspiring call for making learning fun and interesting for everyone–teachers included!

    I look forward to reading and using your suggestions for such lessons.

    Alison Sattler


    • jboelhower says:

      Thank you for reading. Like life, education is at its best when shared (like the resources you have collected on your site – I am finding some cool things 🙂 ). Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I know how busy life gets and I appreciate the feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

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