Day 24: You


There is nothing more important than you in the classroom. Your passion.  Your creativity. Your guidance is what allows technology to be an engaging learning experience for students. I hope you have enjoyed this series. Please contact me with your examples or questions. Let’s make 2017 a great year.

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Day 23: Aurasma

For day 23 I have to share a site I have talked about before, Aurasma. Since the goal of this series was to spread a little cheer I had to include it. My family and I have so much fun with this app.

In that spirit, I decided to make an aura for you (the Easter egg for this post is the aura).

Steps to View:

1.Download the Aurasma Lite app.

2. Create an account (if you don’t have one).

3. Search for  “Jamey Boelhower ” with the search option and subscribe to my channel.

4. Point mobile device at the picture below to activate the Auras.  Tap the blue play button for a Christmas song.


Are you using Aurasma? Share your story in the comment section below.

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Day 22: PhotoScan

christmas_tree_icon_instatuts_comFor day 22 I am sharing a new app that I have only tried once, but am planning on using all break, PhotoScan, from Google. I’ll let Google inform you about this app.


Again, I have only scanned one photo, but wow, it worked like a charm. I enjoy having printed photos, but having a digital back up is priceless. I can use my older photos in media projects, or create unique photo gifts. If you want to preserve some of your older photos, then I recommend downloading PhotoScan. But I warn you, you are going to spend a lot of time on memory lane (that’s part of the reason I only got one photo scanned).

Icon designed by Cucu Tudor-Ionel

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Day 21: Typic

xmas_sticker_03I post a lot of photos. I post a lot of photos with my own quotes and quotes from other sources. My favorite app to make these creations is Typic. It is the most used app (besides the camera) on my phone. I know that there are other apps that allow you to add text, and some of them are free, but Typic just works for me. Typic also has an app for kids and babies. The apps have fun options, like stickers and emoticons. To add some flare to your photos, check out Typic my day 12 tech cheer app.

Flickr Album

Icon designed by Delacro

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Day 20: Ted Talks


I love TED Talks. My tech cheer for day 20 is what TED Talks represent, sharing ideas. When I taught a psychology class, I designated Fridays for watching TED Talks. I could find a talk on any subject we were studying in class for the students. (They would use while watching the videos).

I choose the talk, “Hi, I’m Scott,” to highlight the way TED Talks can show how important everyday is, but I am going to end with a TED Talk, “To This Day” … for the bullied and beautiful (language alert), that makes me cry every time I see it. That is the power of TED Talks, they reflect the beauty and pain of our lives.

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Day 19: Flickr

santacornerhatI know that there will be a ton of pictures taken soon, so day 19 is designated for my favorite photo management site, Flickr.  You create albums or “sets” that allow you to control who can see the content or to share with the world. The following set of pictures of a micro-poetry assignment my students completed a few years ago.

Student Micro Poetry

Flickr also has a full range of creative commons licenses that you can share your photos under. Besides Pixabay, I use Flickr to find photos to use in class. Flickr has “The Commons” which is a collection of photos that can be used in your lessons. History teachers, I think you will like this site.

I also use the Flickr app to upload all the photos I take on my smartphone. I know that there many options for online photo management, but I personally like Flickr.

Icon designed by Artdesigner (Tanya)

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Day 18: Google Forms

presentI have been working with dental instructors on creating a form they can use to grade their students as they work with patients. The instructors wanted something that they could fill out in real time and allow their students to see their grades and comments. Google Forms.

For day 18 I thought about doing a how-to post, but honestly, a single post can not cover everything Google Forms can do for a teacher. So, let me expand on the dental instructors’ story.

The instructors tested the grading form in their summer course. Worked well. First, students got their feedback immediately. Second, adjunct instructors could use the form with no issues. (Adjuncts are important staff for CCC, so having tools that they can step into a class and use without spending a ton of time training is crucial.) Third, the instructors could analysis students’ performance throughout the semester. Each student had their own grading form. The instructors could see that a student might have had an issue with casting teeth three times in a row. This allowed the instructors to personalize their instruction for that student.

For the upcoming semester the grading form is now even more useful because we have mapped out the form to jump to sections needed based on the type of client a student helps with in clinical.

Now, understand, creating these grading forms took a lot of time to develop. I didn’t just make a form and off they went. But the time and energy spent developing the form has created a useful tool for the instructors and the students.

If you haven’t use Google Forms in awhile, I suggest looking into this tool again during break.

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Day 17: Blogging

christmas_letter_instatuts_comFor day 17 I wanted to share an idea instead of a specific tech tool; Blogging.

Blogging Sites
There are so many reasons to blog. One of the best years of teaching Eng 1010 was the semester I used Posterous (no longer active) to publish my students work. Once the students saw that their writing was live, their writing improved almost immediately. Yes, the hit count became competitive (I was teaching to five different schools on the IP system). But they shared each other’s post, left insightful responses, and had fun writing.

I blog to simply share ideas and make a positive impact in this world. I actually have three blogs; one for education, one for poetry, and a personal one. If you have ever thought about blogging, I suggest you start today. You can share your site with me in the comment section below.

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Day 16: Expresso

giftI’m going to be an English teacher for day 16 and share a website that will give you more information than you might want about your writing: Expresso. (But you will thank me after you use it.)


Expresso is simple to use, simply copy and past your writing into the text area and hit the analyze button.


For this post I used an older post, “Funyuns,” from my other blog.

step3There is a plethora of information in the “Metrics for editing” window. As an English teacher I could geek out with all the information. When you want to see the results of a metric click on the it to see where in your writing that is present. In the example I have activated “weak verbs.” In my post those verbs are highlighted green. You can activate as many metrics as you wish. Each metric will have a different color.

You can edit your work right in the application. To move your edited work, you will need to copy and past the text. There is no save or export option. I introduced this site to my students this semester. The ones that used Expresso loved it. Try it out, you will be impressed.

Icon designed by Woothemes

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Day 15: 30/30

mistletoeFor day 15 I have an app for you that will help you get things done: 30/30.

30/30 is a simple and useful task manager. You create a list of things that you want done, decide on how much time you want to give to each task and you are on your way to a productive day. The powerful part is thatthe tasks you need to do on a regular bases, 30/30 allows you to keep your list and use it any time.

As an example I have a grading task list. I have a set time to grade homework then I have a set time to check in on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook and then I give myself a few minutes to get up to move around. Another cool aspect of the app is the option to loop your task list. Most nights I have to loop my grading task list at least twice.

The controls are simple and gesture based. If you need to rearrange your list you simply swipe left to move a task to the bottom or swipe right to delete a task. There are a number of personalization options for your tasks like color, icon choices and the alert sounds. I find that I use this timer in all kinds of different situations. This is the app to help you focus on what you need to accomplish.

Icon designed by Artdesigner (Tanya).

This is an update article from 2012.

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