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Share Their Work

Right now my girls are into coloring and sharing their work on the fridge‚Ķ and on the doors and walls. They will finish a page, run to me or their mom to show us their creation, then head to the … Continue reading

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Blended Learning Design: Part 3

Organizing content on a Learning Management System (LMS) is tricky. The design of the LMS is the first factor you have to contend with. Moodle uses topics, with six different format options. ¬†Schoology uses folders. Edmodo uses a feed design. … Continue reading

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LMS Series: Schoology Learning Objectives

One of the most powerful tools in Schoology is the ability to align assignments and even test questions to learning objectives. You will build the learning objectives in your resources. Once you click on the Learning Objectives link you will … Continue reading

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Learning Management Systems

For the next series of posts, I am going to highlight some of my favorite tools in Schoology, Edmodo, and Moodle. My goal is not to recommend one over another but to share aspects for each LMS that you can … Continue reading

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Fun With Photos

Time to have a little fun. There are so many apps and websites that allow us to amp up the creativity of our photography that I will not be able to discuss them all (I will share the ones I … Continue reading

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