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Anatomy 4D

Want to see a human heart, or even the blood vessels in a body? Then you need to checkout the Anatomy 4D app today. It is free. Like many AR tools, Anatomy 4D uses target printouts that you will need … Continue reading

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Edorble’s New Web Virtual World

Welcome back! To start the school year I thought I would do a series on Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) applications. This field of technology is growing, and in fact, just as I was starting this post I … Continue reading

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Edorble: Virtual Classroom

I wanted to share a new virtual application with you, Edorble. First, Edorble is in beta. Expect rough spots as you interact with the application. But even at this stage Edorble is useful for a virtual classroom. I met Gabe … Continue reading

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Old School Tool: Coloring

In the July 10, 2015, issue of Parade Magazine, Hillari Dowdle shares the joy of coloring in her article “50 Shades of Happy: The New Joy of Coloring.” The article is centered on why adults are now finding their way … Continue reading

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