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Day 11: YouTube

YouTube is my tech cheer for day 11, for both educational and personal reasons. Maybe because I have been focusing on web-based courses for CCC this past semester, I have come to appreciate YouTube as a great tool. From embedding … Continue reading

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Day 8: Google Cardboard

I am just getting into the tech cheer I want to share for day 8, Google Cardboard (and VR in general). So, this post will be short, but I know I will be blogging about VR in depth later. The … Continue reading

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Create a Lesson with Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a great way to share bookmarks, but with a little creativity a webmix can become an online lesson or workshop.  I created a vocabulary workshop that educators could participate in without my instruction.  I use the webmix in … Continue reading

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LMS Series: Moodle Book Option

Moodle is a powerful LMS. There are a variety of tools in Moodle, but one option I am exploring is the Book option. And yes, it is the ability to write your own textbook for a course. You can embed … Continue reading

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